Benefits and Service
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  • Saves you a long trip to the store.
  • Eliminates car sickness.
  • No separation anxiety, you can check on your pet any time.
  • Grooming complete in less then 2 hours.
  • One on one personal attention.
  • No cages, we start grooming right away.
  • We offer a clean, sanitary, professional environment with no exposure to other pets.
  • We sanitize all tools & bathing areas after every pet.
  • All drying is done by hand.
  • Stress free for you & your pet.


  • Nail trimmed.
  • Ears cleaned and plucking hair.
  • Bath with special shampoo.
  • Standard breed pet clip and scissor finish.
  • Anal glands (only requested).
  • Tooth brushing.
  • Bows or bandana.


  • Skin and coat conditioner $5.00.
  • Nail grinding $10.00.
  • Blueberry facial $5.00.
  • Fleas and ticks shampoo none pesticides $10.00.
  • Diskunk service $20.00.
  • Dished treatment (reduce shedding by up 90% with regular visit) $10.00.

There are several factors that determinate our prices.

The length of time of grooming.

Type of coat.



  • First groom, keeping appoitment 1 to 6 weeks. Free tooth brushing or nail grinding or condition and blueberry facial.

We can accommodate limited number of pets in 8 hours day, why we recommended schedule appointment.

CALL TODAY: (609) 227-3305.